Unlock Your Business’s Full Potential

with our Wardley Mapping Expertise
I cannot decide for your business,

but I can improve the quality of your decisions.
I cannot be the loudspeaker of your company,

but I can improve the way strategy is communicated.
I cannot simplify the reality,

but I can guide your teams to gain perspective on their context.
I cannot drive the execution of your strategy,

but I can support you to identify what can be changed to drive it to your goals.
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Wardley Maps is provided courtesy of Simon Wardley and licensed Creative Commons Attribution Shared –Alike 4.0 (CC BY-SA 4.0).

I’m going to make you a professional mapper

Wardley Mapping is like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

When you use it for yourself or in a small group of mappers, the conversation flows, the benefits show up, and u feel you are thriving.

Suddenly you try to use it outside that safe space, and the worst face of Wardley Mapping is shown.

Nobody understands the model, there is frustration in the workshops and u ended pointed by promoting something that is seen as counterproductive.

That’s not all

You are surrounded by consultant firms and providers telling you what to do, while they do not see the whole picture of the context. They solve single complicated problems, but they do not tackle the complex problem you have.

You have pressure to solve these challenges ASAP, and Wardley Mapping seem to have some answers, but that’s not enough.

Wardley Mapping is a complex model, you have learn about it, but there’s no way to learn how to use it, so when thinking about using it in your organization you do not want to expose yourself to show something that cannot be immediately understood and you are seen as a promoter of an useless tool. Your reputation is being exposed.

Wardley Mapping is a pragmatic way to do strategy. Years looking for something like this and now it’s in front of you. There should be a good way to use it in my organization.

We have been there

We understand this situation, the internal pressure to succeed, the pressure of consultancy companies to be engaged on strategic activities, the need to solve your problems and get the things done.

The situation where many people show themselves as they “know all” when the reality is that you first have to recognize they “don’t know”.

We have work on these situations, we have experienced the rejection to change and know how to turn a aficionado-mapper in a professional-mapper.

To do it we need you to have the attitude of being a pro-mapper, changes happen from leadership and you are the natural leader there. We will guide you to get the necessary mapping skills as soon as possible and facilitate you provide value using Wardley Mapping as a lever.

How we will do it?

  • First, let’s assess your knowledge in Wardley mapping, and define the target.
  • Second, let’s map your context, the politics and the spaces where to start using Wardley Mapping: a space where you have to solve a problem.
  • Third, let’s work on the practical activities with the team. We can be guiding with you or in the back-stage.

Getting ready

  • Let’s ensure you have the right knowledge to be safe in front of live mapping session with your team/organization.
  • Let’s review the scenarios and the evolution of the activities doing iterations and updating the maps and notes in an organized way.
  • Let’s define when is appropriate to increase the scope of mapping in your organization.
  • Let’s define a exiting plan where we disappear and you continue leading your duties.

You are in a good position to increase the impact in your organization and get the credit of it. We can turn you into a pro-mapper, helping you on that journey and orientate you on how to turn this emergent practice into a usable tool with a systematic approach that will elevate your contribution.

Wardley Mapping is about conversations

Write me at: joaquin@mapasllc.com or book a 30 minutes session.

  • Turn yourself into a professional mapper, focusing on providing more visible value in your organization.
  • Engage the key people in the process, enable better coordination, gain autonomy and have mechanisms of synchronization that will make the organization to be more agile.

Working with us during this transformation into a professional-mapper will enable you take the right steps on adoption avoiding basic mistakes, doing it in at your pace and with focus on elevating your strategic speech when communicating.

We do it using Wardley mapping itself, so you will experience first hand how to work in front of uncertainty using the model.

Write me at: joaquin@mapasllc.com or book a 30 minutes session and become a professional-mapper.