Unlock Your Business’s Full Potential

with our Wardley Mapping Expertise

A good strategy has three components: diagnosis, guiding principles and coherent actions

We work on these three areas focusing on

  • Diagnosis: understand the market and how you are positioned in that space.
  • Guiding principles: focusing on definition of rules of engagement, how collaboration between silos can be unlocked, and aligning team purposes within the overall strategic decisions.
  • Coherent actions: thanks to the experience on operations, program delivery and service work, we are able to land the decisions done at strategy level into actionable work.

Wardley Mapping is a solution enabler

Wardley Mapping is a revolutionary tool in the field of strategy, offering a visual way to understand your business landscape and a complete nomenclature to articulate your strategy.

The maps help in:

  • Analyze in deep the competitive landscape, identify future opportunities and areas of investment.
  • Enable conversations to solve complex problems.
  • Build and communicate strategic decisions.

Despite the fact Wardley Mapping is in the core of our solutions, our work is also delivered thanks to the expertise on other schools of strategy, tools and frameworks.

Where Mapas can provide value?

In Mapas we are used to navigate through uncertainty and drive towards a concrete goal. Under these conditions, we provide:

  • Clarity in Complexity: In the fast-evolving space where we live, clarity is crucial. Our Wardley Maps solutions provides a visual and strategic approach to untangle complex ecosystems, helping companies see beyond the chaos of rapid change. Here we work with Cynefin principles and Estuarine Mapping approach too.
  • Strategic Foresight: Our expertise in Wardley Maps equips our customers with the foresight needed to anticipate market shifts. This strategic advantage enables proactive rather than reactive decision-making, keeping our clients ahead of the curve.
  • Technical Due Diligence: we work on due diligence processes providing a complete documented technical diagnosis. Useful for Venture Capital companies or companies that are willing to prepare for investment round.
  • Tailored Strategies for Innovation: We recognize that every company is unique. Our approach is to customize strategies that align with your specific goals, using Wardley Maps as a tool to unlock innovation and drive growth.
  • Enhancing Operational Efficiency: By identifying and mapping out the value chain, we help companies optimize their operations, reduce redundancies, and focus on areas that offer the highest value return.
  • Continuous Learning and Adaptation: As tech disruption cycles are getting shorter, our services include ongoing support and learning, ensuring that your strategies evolve with the industry.
  • Data-Driven Decision Making: We empower tech businesses with data-backed insights, supporting that every decision is informed not only by data, but by a deep understanding of the context.
  • Collaborative Partnership: We believe in working closely with our clients, becoming an extension of your team. Ideally this support should be temporal, strategy is something to be done in house. By that reason our services include the training of employees to continue the strategic work.

Wardley Mapping is a tool to be used in house, by the people knowing the problems they have to solve and by the people having the need to make strategic decisions. By this reason, essentially we want to turn you from a occasional mapper to a professional mapper.

To do it we need you to have the attitude of being a pro-mapper, changes happen from leadership and you are the natural leader there. We will guide you to get the necessary mapping skills as soon as possible and facilitate you provide value using Wardley Mapping as a lever.

How we will do it?

Depending on your needs, we can provide value in different concrete ways.



  • Decision Dynamics Gymkhana: improving the way we make collective decisions.
  • Wardley Maps for Project & Program Managers: Learn how this visual communications tool can help you on different project management knowledge areas.
  • Workshops: Interactive sessions designed to teach, practice and guide teams and individuals into Wardley Mapping techniques.
  • Webinars: Regular online events covering advanced mapping techniques or specific business challenges.
  • Become a pro-mapper: enable you to become a professional running internal workshops using Wardley Mapping as tool.
  • Curso en Español sobre Mapas de Wardley: tres maneras diferentes de aprender a usar los Mapas de Wardley.

Why Mapas LLC?

Mapas is founded and lead by Joaquín Peña Fernández. During his years working with Wardley Maps Joaquín has:

  • Working with Wardley Maps since 2013, applying it on the tech industry.
  • Translated Simon’s book into Spanish and created the web mapasdewardley.com for the Spanish community: articles, maps, videos, etc.
  • Created “Draw your company strategy“, a book that provides an insightful visual view of Wardley Mapping and its use.
  • Created “Crossing the Chasm with Wardley Maps” the first framework that helps the adoption and usage of Wardley Maps.
  • Collaborated in many workshops organized by Simon Wardley as mapper for facilitating the subgroups (Manufacturing, Cybersecurity, AI, gaming…).
  • Working in specific consulting activities since 2020.
  • Teaching Wardley Maps model since 2022.
  • Member of Wardley Maps for Business Community.

Wardley Mapping is about conversations

Write me at: joaquin@mapasllc.com and we can talk about your concrete case.

Wardley Maps is provided courtesy of Simon Wardley and licensed Creative Commons Attribution Shared –Alike 4.0 (CC BY-SA 4.0).