The strategic training for CIOs and CTOs


The purpose of the Strategic Training for CIOs and CTOs is to get you in shape for performing and succeeding in the realization of your role.


CIOs and CTOs have a set of duties and challenges, these challenges vary depending on the company, but they are present in different moments of the year and they require attention in an ongoing basis.

It’s a lot and every individual person organize in different ways to attend all of them.

They are not individual areas, they are overlapped and to define actions that take into consideration each one of the areas require a great understanding of the details and the right perspective.

The problem?

  • The day to day keeps you busy with the execution and the resolution of problems.
  • You know how to do it, but you have not the right habits to keep the pace of your own organization (you have the feeling you are in bad shape).
  • You have no time to write tones of documents, you need to keep things light and clear.
  • Your agenda is not coherent and is not aligned with your goals.
  • This is your problem, not other’s problem, so people do not understand the multidimensional view you are required to have.

There should be a way to thread all in a way that makes sense, isn’t it?

Our proposition

We are going to train you with the routines and habits that enable you to keep perspective on what you want to do and how you want to do it.

We are going to shape you a day to day that is aligned with the goals you have. Identification of high value tasks, elimination of duplication, better definition of goals for your teams, right communication of guiding principles.

We are going to train on building habits that enable you to orient yourself about where a concrete issue is, and from there, understand the dependencies and consequences of the choices you are evaluating.

Harmonize strategy and energy, become a master of strategy practicing.

It’s about the habits, it’s about keep the flow, it’s about learning to hear your landscape.

Is this a coaching service? Well, you can see it more like a coach that trains you in the sport of strategy.

How do we do it?

We work like if we are training you into the sport of strategy. The sport we want you to be a professional is the sport of strategy using Wardley Maps as reference model (but not limited to this model).

The sport of strategy is a game that you play everyday, it’s something you do in a daily basis. And the world is not going to stop for a few months to facilitate you can learn.

We will start doing a diagnosis of the context where you work and what are the major challenges you have.

Once done, we are going to start the training plan, removing low valuable tasks from your agenda, training you on triggers and habits that fit with your personality and context.

Habits do not happen overnight, so once we define a task, we are going to measure it, and we will have space for discussing about how these habit fit with you, and how valuable they are.

We will have a structure of your challenges and how we are going to work on them. They are not isolated, they are linked and they evolve through the time.

All this is done through a set of sessions and homework you have to do (training).

  • You will train 3 times a week.
  • You will practice 5 days a week.

The minimum amount of engagement is 2 quarters, but the preferred engagement is 4 quarters.


What will happen at the end of this training camp?

  • You will know about Wardley Mapping and how to use it.
  • You will have a clear view of your landscape, and you are in position to update it once changes happen.
  • You will have built your own agenda aligned with your goals and your personality.
  • You will have routines and habits that enable you to focus on important things and keep attention on urgent things.
  • The maps and dependencies you have defined will be also linked to the goals and autonomy of the teams and people you work with.
  • You will be in a position to continue your journey alone.

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