Overall, our clients include businesses and organizations that are operating in rapidly changing markets, and are looking to gain a competitive advantage through data-driven insights and strategic guidance.

This includes:

  • Large enterprises with complex operations and multiple business units can work with Mapas to gain a better understanding of their internal operations and identify areas for optimization and innovation. Our background in Technology make us very competitive in that space.
  • Venture capital firms can benefit of working with Mapas for the evaluation of potential investment opportunities, revision of the strategy of a target investment and the identification of emerging markets and trends.
  • Startups are often operating in highly dynamic and rapidly changing markets, and can benefit greatly from the insights and strategic guidance provided by Mapas.
  • Mid-sized businesses businesses that are looking to expand their market share or explore new markets can benefit from the data-driven insights provided by Mapas.
  • Public sector organizations including government agencies and non-profits, can work with Mapas to better understand the public policy landscape and identify areas for innovation and improvement.