Improve your strategic process


The purpose of “Improve your Strategic Process” (IYSP) is to propose specific improvement actions to the current strategic processes.


Organizations have strategic processes and ways to articulate the decision making process for strategic actions that are followed by the operation activities and transformation actions.

The strategic process, as any process in your organization can be benefit of a revision.

The problem?

  • I really thought about it!
  • I have no time for this.
  • I have not process at all.

I’m 95% sure you never tough about it, I’m 100% sure you have not time for this, and I’m 100% sure you have a process, other question is how formal or documented it is, but you have a process.

Our proposition

We review how things are defined, executed and communicated, and as a quality assurance process, we review all these activities and we point out to improvement actions.

How we do it?

This work is done through a set of action that are summarized in this diagram:

Our quality assurance (QA) process ensures that the strategic planning and implementation meet established standards and achieve desired outcomes. This involves:

  • Strategy Alignment: Ensure your strategy aligns with the organization’s vision, mission, and goals. This includes the revision of the communications to the teams.
  • Performance Metrics: Review the current metrics you have and understand how they fit with the strategy and the execution.
  • Monitoring and Evaluation: Proposition of iterative approach for strategic initiatives to assess their progress, their impact and the potential need of adjusments.
  • Feedback and Adaptation: Understand how you collect feedback from stakeholders and how you adapt the strategy as necessary to address challenges and changes in the environment (when it’s required).
  • Documentation and Reporting: Review the existing records of strategic plans, actions taken, and outcomes achieved for accountability and future reference.

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