Become a pro-mapper


The purpose of this service is to enable a person of your organization to become a professional running internal workshops using Wardley Mapping as tool.


Any type of organizations can benefit of this training service:

  • Profit, non-profit.
  • Small, medium, large.
  • Good, bad.

The problem?

Wardley Mapping is an emergent practice and there are not enough use cases and experience that enable people to run their own workshops with a structured approach and knowing how to deal with the different scenarios that can happen.

Simon Wardley promotes the strategy work to be done in house with the people working on the field and do not hire it to external consultants. But,

  • How to take the knowledge about Wardley Maps and turn into real motion in our organization?.
  • How do I deal with my lack of time to learn by myself?
  • How much time it will take us to run these internal sessions with the right productivity without falling in continuous frustration of the attendants?
  • How do I deal with defensive attitudes during the conversations?
  • How do I measure success?

Our proposition

We organize and facilitate training sessions that guides the mapper to become a professional mapper with the ability to run workshops in its organization.

How does this training look like?

Tailor the scope and needs

The training is tailored depending on two main factors:

  1. The type of role the person has in the organization: executive, middle manager, project manager, sales, product manager, educators, tech architect, etc.
  2. The level of mapping this person has.

Let’s work on the mapping proficiency you have

  • Focus on the proficiency you have using mapping with all different artifacts.
  • Focus on the use of mapping for communications.
  • Practice communications within small audiences.
  • Identification of interested people in the organization.

Let’s work on the different type of workshops

  • We will navigate on the structure of the different workshops you can do.
  • We will prepare specific workshops to enable you to run sessions internally, starting small and testing the feedback.
  • We will look for the right fit of workshops within the organization, adding known internal practices and methods.
  • Using our templates, we will adapt them to your environment, adding and removing elements to fit with purpose and to your context.
  • Build mapping conversations adding relevant data to turn hypothesis into facts (as much data we are able to collect).
  • Promote the use of mapping for communications purposes.


  • Accelerated learning on Wardley Mapping with theory and practice.
  • Structured approach for the different types of workshops, you will know how to prepare your workshops and tailor them for the specific purpose and audience.
  • Gradual exposure to your audience: we propose different short-sessions to practice the facilitation and use of the Wardley Mapping nomenclature, with concrete uses and business purpose. Then we will jump in the creation of a specific workshop for you.
  • The method works with a continuous feedback loops, so you will be building your own community of mappers and use cases showing how mapping help you and your organization.

Disclaimer, the time invested is variable and the impact of the session depends on many variables: previous knowledge of attendees, number of hours of the workshop, quality of the use cases selected for the workshop, ability of the attendees for capturing the knowledge, etc..

How to engage with us?

Step 1: Let’s have a conversation: (write me at: or book a 30 minutes session).

We will discuss about the specific needs you have and how we can turn you into a professional mapper.

Step 2: We will prepare a solution proposition that we will discuss again to see how it fits with your worldview.

Step 3: You will decide what to do, go ahead or find other way to solve your problem.


  • Can you do this training for more than one person? YES.
  • Can you travel to do some specific sessions? Yes.
  • Can we define the frequency of the sessions? Yes, we will do it before engaging and we will de

Learn to navigate on this type of dashboards, building coherence, alignment and improving coordination.