Training workshops


The purpose of the training workshops is to teach, practice and guide teams and individuals into Wardley Mapping techniques.


Any type of organizations can benefit of the training workshop:

  • Profit, non-profit.
  • Small, medium, large.
  • Good, bad.
  • Etc.

The problem?

Wardley Mapping is offered under the license Creative Commons Share-Alike, and then there’s a lot of content available provided to learn Wardley Mapping. Despite this advantage, some companies or group of people are under one or various of these situations:

  • Not enough time.
  • Not enough focus.
  • Defensive attitudes during the conversations.
  • Blah, blah, blah…

Our proposition

We organize and facilitate a training workshop that guides the attendees through concepts and practice on their context of work.

How does these workshops look like?

The workshops are tailored for different audiences (executives, middle managers, product managers, educators, tech people, etc.

The tailoring process is based on workshop goals, previous knowledge and revision of future expectations the attendees are expected to fulfill.

Workshop phases

Phase 1, workshop preparation

  • Define goal, scope, format and details of the workshop.
  • Prepare the workshop and the specific use cases (if it’s required).
  • Concrete how workshop is going to be performed (on site, hybrid, on-line).
  • Concrete the agenda and structure of the workshop with the point of contact: how the hours are going to be divided and which content is going to be discussed.
  • Check the level of the attendees and tailor the content.

Phase 2, workshop execution

  • Perform the workshop based on the conditions defined during the preparation.

Phase 3, workshop wrap-up

  • Meeting during 30 – 60 minutes to wrap-up the course.

Which formats are available?

The format is organized with respect the requirements of the customer and in alignment with the goals pursued. In any case there are different formats that are more common.

2 slots x 2 hours same day
(Total = 4 hours)
– Morning session
– Lunch
– Afternoon session
2 slots x 3 hours same day
(Total = 6 hours)
– Morning session
– Lunch
– Afternoon session
2 slots x 4 hours same day
(Total = 8 hours)
– Morning session
– Lunch
– Afternoon session
2 slots x 4 hours consecutive days
(Total = 8 hours)
– Day 1 session (morning or afternoon)
– Day 2 session (morning or afternoon)
2 slots x 8 hours consecutive days
(Total = 16 hours)
– Day 1 session (morning and afternoon)
– Day 2 session (morning and afternoon)


  • Accelerated learning on Wardley Mapping with theory and practice.
  • Clear direction about how they can use Wardley Mapping on their day to day.
  • Team prepared with the basis to start applying Wardley Mapping.
  • Work on specific use cases based on the goals discussed during the preparation of the workshop.

Disclaimer, the time invested is variable and the impact of the session depends on many variables: previous knowledge of attendees, number of hours of the workshop, quality of the use cases selected for the workshop, ability of the attendees for capturing the knowledge, etc..