Get your Customized Edition of Draw your Company Strategy

The book “Draw your Company Strategy” is available in a personalized version.

What does this mean?

Any company that values the book and wants to give it as a gift to clients can do so with a customized edition dedicated with logo and a message for their customers.

What does the customized edition contain?

The customized edition contains:

  • A personalized cover with your company logo (position, size and background adapted to the corporate guidelines).
  • A page with a personalized message for your clients, partners or target audience.


  • The order must have at least 10 units.
  • If the order is for more books the average price of the book decreases a little bit.
  • The delivery is made to a single address. If it is necessary to divide the order in several lots, it has to be seen separately.
  • The book is printed in Spain or United States, depending on the target destination.

How to order?

For more details, please contact me at and we will see you without obligation.

Cheer up, giving knowledge as a gift is always welcome.