Decision Dynamics Gymkhana: improving the way we make collective decisions

Where we come from

Every leader desires to lead their teams innovatively, make well-informed decisions, and stay ahead in the constantly changing business landscape. But the tools and methods of the past might not always provide clear answers.

The business world today is multifaceted, with intertwining challenges. Traditional decision-making methods often fall short, leaving you and your team feeling directionless.

Making decisions requires time, focus and forces you to have continuous exposure to uncertainty. When decisions require more people, the scenario becomes more complex.

All this consumes a lot of energy.

Am I wrong in the way we make decisions?

The way to make decisions is part of the culture of your organization and it’s not wrong, but it’s something you can improve.

Our unique service provides you with new lenses: complex problem solving, Wardley Mapping, business context and real time dynamics. The gymkhana format makes people to be exposed to make decisions and be able to adapt quickly to understand, dissect, and address complex business issues. This is something that executives live in a daily basis, but some operational people are not used to have.

How do we do it?

  • Before start: We define a concrete scenario for the audience of the group participating in the gymkhana, define your goal and concrete things you want to activate during the sessions.
  • Session 1:
    • Once we explain the dynamics and principles of the gymkhana,
    • we dive deep into the proposed problem to be solve,
    • we map it with the Wardley method and we start making decisions as requested by a external person (it could be a client, the CEO, the CIO, the HR Lead, a shareholder…).
    • We define some actions for the second session.
  • Session 2:
    • We recap the things done during the first day,
    • we continue digging into the concrete problem to be solve and advance in a quarter to quarter basis making decisions,
    • Conclude with learnings and takeaways.

What are the benefits of this approach?

It depends on the context of your team, but these are some of the benefits you can have organizing this gymkhana:

  1. Enhanced Decision Clarity: Participants will develop a clearer understanding of complex problems, improving the way they make decisions, being more intentional and adding strategic insight to them.
  2. Innovative Approaches: By harnessing the collective intelligence of a diverse group, teams can uncover novel solutions that might not have emerged in traditional decision-making settings.
  3. Improved Team Collaboration: The Gymkhana experience can foster better team dynamics, as members learn to value and incorporate each other’s perspectives in the decision-making process.
  4. Reduced Decision Paralysis: By providing a structured approach to dissecting complex problems, the service can help teams avoid the paralysis that often comes with overwhelming challenges.
  5. Future Preparedness: Equipping executives and managers with these tools ensures they’re better prepared for future challenges, allowing them to anticipate shifts and adapt accordingly.
  6. Risk Mitigation: With a deeper understanding of the problem landscape, teams can better anticipate potential risks and put measures in place to mitigate them.
  7. Continuous Learning and Growth: The Gymkhana format is designed not just to solve a single problem, but to instill a mindset and approach that can be applied to future challenges, ensuring continuous learning and growth.
  8. Stakeholder Alignment: By visualizing decisions and strategies, teams can more easily communicate and align with external stakeholders, ensuring everyone is on the same page.

Are You Ready for Breakthrough Decisions?

Join our sessions and empower your team with an innovative approach. Uncover insights, challenge traditional norms, and navigate complexity with clarity.

No More Missed Opportunities or Paralysis by Analysis

Make decisions with confidence, avoid pitfalls, and seize opportunities that might have previously been invisible.

Lead with Vision and Precision

By the end of our sessions, you’ll have tangible strategies and a newfound perspective on tackling business challenges. Watch your team’s morale boost, witness innovative solutions unfold, and lead your organization with renewed vigor.


“The Gymkhana approach was a game-changer for our team. In just 4 hours we have been able to find alignment in the way to make continuous decisions. The fast pace approach avoid we fall in old habits and hesitation” — A. Pérez (mid-manager and participant).

“The visual tool helps to gain common understanding on what’s being discussed, I’m not an IT person but I understood the benefits of the solutions the others were proposing and how they fit with the problem we were trying to solve” — P. Shutter (individual contributor and participant).

How to engage with us?

Step 1: Let’s have a conversation: (write me at: or book a 30 minutes session).

We will discuss about the specific needs you have and how we can turn you into a customized gymhkana.

Step 2: We will prepare the gymkhana and we will discuss again to see how it fits with your worldview.

Step 3: You will decide what to do, go ahead or find other way to solve your problem.